Innovation and Intelligence

“We progress through new ways of thinking.”

Innovation and Intelligence

Inoteq recognises the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The process of building a company and a workforce of the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. We develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. Inoteq encourages a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to cultivate innovation and improvements.

Bringing Outside Innovation Inside

Our teams pursue strategic engagements with industry and institutions and early-stage start-ups, working to disrupt the status-quo. Building on Inoteq’s experience, network, and depth of resources, we collaborate with our stakeholders to leverage innovation as a means of exceeding client’s expectations.

Below are some examples of work we have completed that demonstrate modern approaches to the work we complete for our clients.

Foundation Reinforcing Cage Jig

This jig was conceived and constructed to enable variably sized steel pile cages to be fabricated on site. In a project environment where on-site foundation widths and depths varied day to day, the Cage Jig allowed bespoke adjustments to be applied in the field. The Jig allowed us to reduce time and cost to the project by transporting bulk reinforcing to the job site rather than a restricted number of tied cages. It also eliminated damage to cages during transportation over long distance.

Hydro Hybrid Light Tower

Traditional lighting towers used for projects are solely diesel powered and relatively bulky to transport. In taking note of these constraints, Inoteq sought out and identified a product that’s not currently available on the Australian market. On proving their viability in Australian remote and regional conditions, Inoteq imported the first Hybrid Lighting Tower from Generac in Italy.

The HPB Hybrid provides up to 8 hours of continuous silent operation without carbon dioxide emissions, fuel consumption or noise, thanks to the battery pack. The special dry batteries are able to be recharged in less than 5 hours and have a guaranteed charge/discharge cycle of more than 4000 hours. The batteries recharge daily using solar and can also be recharged from either an external power source or from the built-in backup generator. The modular design makes it compact for transport allowing them to be easily and efficiently relocated.

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