Roy Hill Reverse Osmosis Plant

Site Location: Roy Hill Mine Site – Pilbara Region, WA
Client: Roy Hill
Duration: July 2018 – February 2019

Roy Hill required the delivery of the Blended Water Treatment Plan (BWTP) for a life of mine balanced water management system at the Principal’s Roy Hill mine site. The desalination plant has been incorporated into the Principal’s existing bore fields and water system to provide a constant supply of up to 20.5ML/day of high quality (blended source of permeate) fresh water for use by the mine as chloride wash water.
The blended water system will operate for current life of mine until 2031. In order to achieve targets, Roy Hill engaged Osmoflo as the main contractor for the design, construct and delivery of the BWTP for the balance water management system.

Inoteq was engaged by Osmoflo for the civil and mechanical construction of the desalination plant. Inoteq successfully completed all works for the project including all bulk and detailed earthworks, concrete elements and structures, mechanical installation of pipework, valving, pump, tank and filter stations. The project provided numerous challenges which were successfully overcome by Inoteq including several design changes, remote location, logistics and working within a large busy existing mining operation.
During construction, designs were adapted with Inoteq’s engineering team to meet the Osmoflo Specifications and adhere to the Roy Hill standards. This involved many onsite adaptations of onsite construction methods, showcasing Inoteq’s adaptability and commitment to high quality standards.

During the project, Inoteq proposed to form and pour the electrical pits in situ, excavated into the ground. This innovative idea was adopted for the project, saving valuable time. This novel approach was commended for innovation by Roy Hill’s co-ordinators.

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