Sustaining Services

Sustaining Services

Inoteq is a contractor specialising in sustaining services to power and water distribution infrastructure. We deliver remote and regional projects throughout Australia, supported by access to a large human resource pool and a tailored equipment inventory.

We provide custom fabrication, installation and project management for water and electrical infrastructure. We can perform multiple complex installations at any one time whilst adapting to the unique needs of client and project requirements.

Our sustaining teams have expertise in the following key areas:

  • Borefield and pipeline maintenance 
    Inoteq complete onsite maintenance of existing dewatering, tails and decant infrastructure including decommissioning and relocation of pipelines, rotation of tails lines, removal and reinstatement of extraction and reinjection bore facilities.

  • Pit dewatering 
    Inoteq assists site dewatering teams in the installation and ongoing operation of bore pumps, sump pumps, pontoons, pit droppers and risers to maintain water levels in operational pit areas.

  • Asset management 
    Inoteq have in house capabilities for the manufacture and replacement of existing pipework, valving, electrical and instrumentation in existing fixed and mobile infrastructure.

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